Management Training Program

At Jernigan Oil Company you have the best of both worlds: the training, support, and resources of one of North Carolina’s largest convenience store organizations behind you, plus the encouragement to be a true entrepreneur. You’ll have the independence to use your own judgment and make your own decisions, with all the resources of Jernigan Oil Company behind you every step of the way.

The Jernigan Retail Management Training Program consists of three core steps:

Step 1: Manager Development Training

Fundamentals of Convenience Store Management

The Manager Development Basics training provides you with the fundamentals of Duck Thru store operations and management.  The training covers the following key areas:

  • Communicating with people
  • Introduction to store walkthrough
  • Completion of management basics
  • Running the register
  • Management of register functions
  • Running the fuel console
  • Management of fuel console functions
  • Inventory – Overview
  • Inventory – Ordering
  • Inventory – Receiving
  • Inventory – Revisions and Resets
  • Inventory – On-hand maintenance
  • Inventory – Claims
  • Loss prevention – Shoplifting
  • Loss prevention – Employee theft
  • Loss prevention – Vendor theft

  • Accident management
  • Managing job applicants
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Changing shifts
  • Opening the store
  • Closing the store
  • Managing diversity
  • Ethical issues in the workplace
  • Discrimination prevention
  • Emergency procedures
  • Laws and policies in the workplace
  • Supervising tobacco sales
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Introduction to management training
  • Controlling your store’s money

Advanced Manager Development Training

After demonstrating your grasp of the fundamentals, during the advanced training level you will gain a deeper understanding of and the ability to manage a Duck Thru convenience store. The areas covered are:

  • Advanced convenience store skills
  • Time management
  • Performance management
  • Store financial condition
  • Managing training

  • Merchandising
  • Advanced inventory
  • Store walkthrough advanced
  • Completion of Manager Development Advanced Training

Step 2: Applied Convenience Store Management

The second level of our retail management training program will be offered to you if you are an assistant manager, have successfully completed your Manager Development Advanced Training program, and have been selected by your District Manager as a potential store manager.

Applied Convenience Store Management training is a multiple-day, intensive, interactive training program spaced over a three-month time period.

Applied Convenience Store Management training consists of classroom and on-the-job activities in:

  • Analyzing store operations
  • Basic communication skills
  • Basic management skills
  • Employee selection and hiring

  • Handling performance problems
  • Orienting and training employees
  • Shaping employee performance

When you’ve successfully completed Applied Convenience Store Management training, you’re ready for even greater challenges and rewards as a Duck Thru Store Manager. And from there, who knows how far your career at Jernigan Oil Co. will take you?

Step 3: Store Manager and Beyond

Once you’ve finished your Jernigan Oil Co. retail management training program, you’re ready to begin your position as a Duck Thru Convenience Store Manager. But this is far from being the highest level to which you can rise at Jernigan Oil Co. From here you can become a District Manager or even a Corporate Manager.  With the comprehensive training and knowledge you’ve gained, your future career at Jernigan Oil Co. is whatever you choose to make of it.