Duck Thru Gas & Diesel

With its Duck Thru convenience stores, Jernigan Oil Company sells gasoline in Regular, Mid-Grade, and Premium grades, as well as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. Duck Thru also has a wide range of snacks and foods available, from coffee to pizza to deli sandwiches. Everything you need to refuel and recover!

With nearly 50 stores in eastern North Carolina, Duck Thru is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.



Brand Name Value


Duck Thru sells national brand Shell and Gulf gasoline, as well as our own Duck Thru brand gasoline. All fuels are of highest quality. Check our Locations page to see which fuels are available at your local Duck Thru.


Food and Snacks

Our Duck Thru locations are equipped to provide you with a refuel as well. Our convenience stores carry brand-name foods prepared fresh for you, whether you are looking for a quick bite or something more substantial. Check our Locations to see what’s available near you.




Other Services

In addition to gas and diesel, many of our Duck Thru stores provide the following services. If you need a specific service, check our Locations page for more information about your local Duck Thru.

  • Dyed & Undyed Kerosene

  • Propane Tank Exchange

  • NC Education Lottery

  • ATM

  • Money Orders

  • Duck Thru Credit Card