Propane Services

Jernigan Oil Company is pleased to be your full-service LP Gas Provider. We offer packages that cover the whole range of your LP gas needs, from initial setup to long-term maintenance and fill. Our propane services are suitable for home heating as well as commercial/industrial needs.

Why Propane?

Find out why LP Gas is the most efficient home heating solution available.

propane1Tank Construction and Installation

We offer a range of tanks to suit your needs, from 120 to 1000 gallons in volume. Tanks are purpose-built for your needs, and vary depending on whether you require above-ground or underground installation.

Can I get tanks larger than 1000 gallons?

Individual super-tanks more than 1000 gallons in volume are notoriously bulky and difficult to maneuver. Having such tanks above-ground creates an eyesore, while burying them requires shifting an inordinate amount of soil.

Any order that requires more than 1000 gallons of LP Gas at one location receives a connected network of smaller tanks that total up to the desired volume of on-site fuel storage. Clients can request as much LP Gas storage as they wish while still using unobtrusive and efficient fuel tanks.

Tank Filling

Jernigan Oil Company offers options of LP Gas fill to match your schedule and budget:

  • Automatic Fill: You never have to call in to get your fuel. We project delivery dates so you never run out.
  • Will Call: You monitor your fuel levels, and call at least three days before you run out.
  • Same-Day Delivery available in the event of emergencies. Service charge applies.


Safety and Maintenance

Jernigan Oil Company creates top-of-the-line propane tanks that then undergo expert installation and fill. As a result, you receive the safest equipment to securely store your propane.

Our tanks resist tampering and come with built-in safeguards against leaks. To ensure everything stays in good shape, we offer both routine and emergency maintenance on all our installed tanks.

Why Propane?

Propane is highly efficient, packing more BTUs in every cubic foot. This means more heat and less waste.


Extracting natural gas releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Extracting propane releases nothing.


Using electric heating to cut emissions? Propane’s emissions are far less than electricity powered by coal.